A $53,000 Text Message

If you think your cell phone plan is expensive, wait ’til you hear how much this New York man’s text cost him.  Here is his story:

After a very brief courtship, primarily consisting of a vacation to Florida, New Yorker Louis Billittier proposed to Christa Clark.  This was no ordinary proposal. Louis requested Christa’s hand in marriage by placing a 2.97 carat rock on it!  You would think that a marriage proposal with the glacier from Titanic after such a short courtship would be a red flag; but alas, love is blind.

Apparently Louis started getting his sight back and wanted out.  He did the only noble thing a guy could do in this circumstance: he ended their engagement … via a text message! “Sorry, but the wedding is a no-go.  BTW, what is your sister’s number?”  I’m thinking Dear Abby would not approve!

Possibly feeling a twinge of guilt, he then sent this follow up text, “Plus you get a $50,000 parting ring, enough for a down payment on a house.” Now isn’t he a gem?

As if a text message breakup wasn’t 8th grade enough, Billittier threw a temper tantrum about Christa’s retaliation name-calling and “took it back.”  He sued Christa for a return of the $53,000 ring.

New York Law considers an engagement ring to be a conditional gift; it’s a gift given in contemplation of marriage and requires its return if no marriage occurs. Unfortunately for Billittier, this ring was no longer an engagement ring. The court ruled that his break-up text converted the ring from an engagement ring to a break-up ring!

I think Christa would agree that Louis learned a very valuable lesson that day: If you’re going to be a dastardly coward, don’t put it in writing!  Louis’ text wound up costing him $600 per character and it was all the evidence the court needed.

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