Louisiana CLE Bundles

When purchasing bundles, make sure you are able to complete the course before their expiration date, as after that date, some of these classes may not be renewed, as our next years' bundle may contain new classes. If you accidentally miss taking one before the expiration date, please contact our office and as long as your bundle hasn't expired (they are good for 1 year from date of purchase), we will be happy to trade the expired course for a course that is approved at that time.

Louisiana Self-Study Only Bundle

Louisiana Self-Study Only Bundle


Included Online Courses

Hollywood might not be able to teach much when it comes to actual ethics, but it can teach legal ethics! This class covers the model rules in a way that is sticky. By using Hollywood storylines and real-life examples, the attorney will be able to remember these rules when it matters most – while practicing!

Lawyers, liars, and lunatics! This class is part one of a two part series focusing on why some people (lunatics) think that lawyers have a problem with lying. We go to the top of our profession – good ol’ Honest Abe – to see what he has to say about honesty in the legal profession. Do we have a problem with honesty? And if so, what can we do to fix it? In this class, we look at the various model rules requiring honest legal practices, such as 3.3, 4.1, 7.1 and 8.4, and then look at case examples where attorneys have been disciplined for dishonest activities. And of course, we end by vowing to not do likewise.

This class is for all attorneys, including constitutional attorneys, and focuses on the recent landmark cases coming from the Supreme Court, including the use race as a factor in college admissions, same sex marriage, the Affordable Care Act and the right to bear arms.

Credit Hours

Total Bundle Hours6.0 Hours

Total Ethics Hours (w/o professionalism)3.0 Hours

Total Professionalism Hours1.0 Hour