South Carolina CLE Compliance Bundles

When purchasing bundles, make sure you are able to complete the course before their expiration date, as after that date, some of these classes may not be renewed, as our next years' bundle may contain new classes. If you accidentally miss taking one before the expiration date, please contact our office and as long as your bundle hasn't expired (they are good for 1 year from date of purchase), we will be happy to trade the expired course for a course that is approved at that time.

South Carolina 8 Hour On Demand Bundle

South Carolina 8 Hour On Demand Bundle


Included Online Courses

This class is for all attorneys, including constitutional attorneys, and focuses on the recent landmark cases coming from the Supreme Court, including the use race as a factor in college admissions, same sex marriage, the Affordable Care Act and the right to bear arms.

It's every litigator's worst nightmare. Worse than appearing before a court sans-trousers. Being on the receiving end of a harsh rebuke from a judge does not end up on too many lawyer's "Top 10 Fondest Memories" list. That being said, there is a lot to learn about oral argument from bench slaps. We look at some of the worst bench slaps, analyze why the slap occurred, and most importantly, how you can avoid it happening to you!

Just like war, cross-examination is an art. And when one sees a beautiful cross examination, it is a treasured moment indeed! This class looks at the ten rules for beautiful, yet deadly, cross examinations, and then gives a practical step by step guide on how to do an effective cross examination. This class is for all attorneys.

Your mother always told you – you can learn things the easy way … or the hard way! This class allows you to learn legal ethics – the easy way. By reviewing the mistakes other lawyers have made, from advising clients to put a sign up in their yard announcing illegal activity was going on inside the house, to lawyers getting opposing counsel drunk just to score some points with the jury, this class hands out the Darwinian Awards. Charles Darwin had a theory that only the fittest survive. Well … you can be among the fittest by adjusting your behavior to not match these lawyers.

Every litigator has witnessed it – the attorney who insists on abusing every ethical rule in depositions. This class looks at the best, and the worst practices for depositions. After this class, you will know how to spot unethical attorney conduct during a deposition, what to do about it, and also what you should be doing during your depositions.

You don’t have to be a long-in-the-tooth lawyer to know that alcohol is a persistent, pervasive problem for legal practitioners. It is a sobering fact that lawyers suffer from alcohol abuse problems at a rate three times the general population! While we can all guess as to why this is the case (crazy clients/unrealistic partnership demands/court deadlines), everyone agrees that help is needed. And help is available. This class is for all attorneys and focuses on the perils, both professionally and personally, from substance abuse. Specifically, this class goes over Model Rules 1.1, 1.6, 5.1, 8.3 case examples where attorneys have been disciplined for violating these rules. If the legal profession were Hollywood, there are Hallmark-Christmas stories, comedies and unfortunately, tragedies. We will cover them all. Our purposes are (1) to help attorneys self-identify any potential problems and (2) to tell those who need it that help is available.

Credit Hours

Total Hours8.0 Hours

Total Ethics Hours1.0 Hour

Total Substance Hours1.0 Hour