Warning! Fire is hot and water is wet!

Calling Captain Obvious

It seems that nothing is quite as obvious as the legal disclaimer.  It’s as if Captain Obvious was bored, and so took a job at a local law firm writing disclaimers!  Go to the store and look at the warnings for scooters.  This might shock you, but the directions state, “This product moves when used.”  What are you going to tell me next? Politicians lie when their lips are movin?

Product Liability

Companies create legal disclaimers in order to avoid product liability lawsuits.  The “failure to warn defect” is the favorite around the Comedian of Law office. Much like most consumers, we decided to sidestep the fine print, but check out Wikipedia for more information about  product liability.

Disclaimer “How To”

There are two ways one may conjure a legal disclaimer:

#1  A company hires a team of lawyers to imagine ways in which someone might get injured.  Then warnings are written about the dangers.  Finally, the team charges the company the typical fee of “freaking boatloads of cash” per hour.

#2 A company does not hire a team of lawyers to imagine ways in which someone might get injured.  Warnings about the dangers do not get written. “Freaking boatloads of cash” are saved…until (I think you know where we’re headed with this) a real person tries using a product in a crazy way, causes themselves injury, and then sues the manufacturer for “liability.”  In layman’s terms, they are suing the company for assuming that consumers are not morons.  These 5 Unbelievable Product Liability Lawsuits are prime examples.  Oh Mylanta!  Gas cans full of gasoline explode when you put them next fire?!  I mean, I know America sets the bar pretty low when it comes to “common sense,” but COME ON!  

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