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California v. Texas: The Carrot Strikes Back and Pandora’s Box

Overview of Obamacare Just like Nightmare on Elm Street parts 1 through 65, there have been several renditions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) lawsuits at the Supreme Court. And depending on your political persuasion, just as scary. California v. Texas is just the latest in a long line of Obamacare cases before the Supreme […]

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Filling the Seat: How ACB’s Confirmation Stacks Up with History

This week, Amy Coney Barrett has been in the spotlight as she undergoes her confirmation hearings for possible appointment to the Supreme Court. Much about this confirmation hearing has been novel from the Covid format to sports and Star Wars references (proof we need more women in government) to the speed at which this confirmation […]

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Masterpiece wedding cake? Hardly.

The official opinion is in, ladies and gentlemen. By order of the Supreme Court of the United States, traditional wedding cakes are worthless. They ruled 9-0 that cheesecakes are now the official cakes of weddings.  Anyone wanting to serve stale white cake instead has to sign a disclaimer with the city clerk recognizing that their […]

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Federal Court gives President Trump a good ole’ Mutombo

And another one of Trump’s bans has been overturned. But this ban was a little different. Rather than keeping foreigners out of the country, President Trump is blocking people from viewing his Twitter page. President Trump has become a Twitter sensation since joining in 2009 and has acquired over 52 million followers. Anyone could see […]

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Leave it to BuzzFeed to make a defamation lawsuit look cute!

A defamation lawsuit was recently filed against the wildly popular website BuzzFeed. Big shocker, it’s politically related. It’s not the topic that caught our eye, though. When BuzzFeed filed a motion to move jurisdiction from Florida to New York, the plaintiffs pulled out all the stops with their rebuttal brief title. I think we can all […]

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Murr-dering a Wisconsin family’s property rights

In 1995, the parents of the four Murr siblings passed ownership of two waterfront lots to their children. Four siblings … two lots. Yea, this is a recipe for family harmony! In 2004, when the siblings attempted to sell the second lot, chaos ensued. I’m sure at this point you’re expecting a juicy story about […]

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“But we didn’t know you couldn’t lie to the Court!”

Orange County social workers lied and submitted falsified documents to the court to justify taking two young daughters from their mother.  When they got caught, can you guess what their defense was?  “But we didn’t know you couldn’t lie to the court!”  That line didn’t work on your mother, and it won’t work in court.    In […]

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Pasta and Pirates and Prison, Oh My!

If you haven’t found God, maybe you are looking for him in the wrong restaurants! A Nebraska prisoner found God in his spaghetti dish, called himself a “Pastafarian” and demanded that prisoner officials accommodate his religious beliefs. This proves the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction! Steven Cavanaugh, incarcerated in a Nebraska State […]

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Every Dog has his Day in Court

In the ongoing battle of which pet is superior – dogs or cats, we can at least say that the K-9’s are leading the felines in Supreme Court appearances.  And this year, mark another one down for the barkers. In following a recent trend, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in yet another dog case, Fry […]

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Scalia – the proof is in the controversy

By: Joel Oster Justice Scalia passed away, and this nation is in mourning. It is unquestioned that Scalia was a brilliant legal mind who brought this country to new heights of legal understanding. I mean, I would have had no idea what “jiggery-pokery” was if not for Scalia. Turns out – it’s a real word! […]

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Who Says you Can’t Make the Supreme Court Laugh?

The Cato Institute recently filed an amicus brief in Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus, before the US Supreme Court, that is as a must read for anyone who has Comedy Central tagged on their computer. Apparently attorneys, often the butt of late night jokes, have now joined the ranks of comedians. This case began […]

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Can Lawyers Speak out of Both Sides of Their Mouths?

Americans dread campaign season for one main reason – we hate campaign ads! They are dirty, sleazy, and those are just the disclaimers! Some states passed laws aimed to curb lying in politics, generally called “false campaign speech laws”. Apparently goals like world peace and convincing MIley Cyrus to dress modestly were just too easily […]

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