Lawyer Skills

Dude, your pants are literally on fire.

No need for “liar, liar” metaphors here! During closing arguments on March 8th, Miami defense attorney Stephen Gutierrez fled the courtroom as smoke began billowing from his pocket.  Want to take a crack at what his client was on trial for? You guessed it, arson. Gutierrez was defending Claudy Charles, who had been accused of […]

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“But we didn’t know you couldn’t lie to the Court!”

Orange County social workers lied and submitted falsified documents to the court to justify taking two young daughters from their mother.  When they got caught, can you guess what their defense was?  “But we didn’t know you couldn’t lie to the court!”  That line didn’t work on your mother, and it won’t work in court.    In […]

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Celebrating National Punctuation Day!

Saturday was National Punctuation Day. Yes, that really exists! Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, and now . . . National Punctuation Day! Don’t worry if you forgot, surely, Hallmark will leave up its Punctuation Day card section for a few more days. While we jest, National Punctuation Day is a much-needed celebration for the good that punctuation […]

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