Comedian of Law’s Top Ten Wacky Cases, #9 – Dougherty v. The Home Depot

#9 – Dougherty v. The Home Depot

Warning:  If you are leery of public restrooms, approach this case with extreme caution!

Bob Dougherty of Denver, CO, will not able to look at a toilet seat without cringing, ever again.  Mr. Dougherty was doing some harmless home improvement shopping at his local The Home Depot, when he got an unexpected call from Mother Nature.  Now, not to be crude, but when a man is in need of a public toilet SEAT you already know it ain’t gonna be pretty.  Dougherty dropped trow … without doing a quick surveillance of the stall! He paid the price as he wound up spending way more time than he had bargained for glued to his seat.

No, I mean he was literally glued to his seat.   Someone had coated the toilet seat with super glue before poor Mr. Dougherty paid it a visit.  In an attempt to recover some of his medical costs, Dougherty sued The Home Depot.  You’ve heard of “look before you leap,” right?  Well, maybe you should add “look before you seat” to that list of words to live by.  Check out this video for more details and the final ruling!


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