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Hollywood Professionalism

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During this class, the lawyers will learn the role that civility, courtesy and professionalism play in promoting a positive respect for the law and in representing clients. We review the Lawyer’s creed and aspirational statement and review how these creeds can impact the day-to-day activities of the lawyer.  Specifically, we delve into how pro bono representation fosters diversity and advances justice for all, the importance of being a mentor for other attorneys and the importance of a healthy client-centric approach to the practice of law.

Explain the professionalism concepts that will be highlighted. While we will cover the entirety of the lawyer’s creed and aspirational statement, we will focus specifically on the importance of pro bono representation, being a mentor to other attorneys and adopting a client-centric approach to the practice of law.

Instructions: To start this course please click on “Video 1”. The course is broken up into four 15 minute segments (for 1 hour courses) or four 30 minute segments (for 2 hour courses). You must complete each video segment in order to move on to the next. At some point in the video, there will be a passcode spoken and displayed on the screen, please write this passcode down, as you will need to enter it at the end of CLE to verify attendance.