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How to Litigate a Constitutional Case

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This class is for constitutional attorneys, litigators, criminal attorneys, and any attorney interested in vindicating a person’s constitutional rights, or defending a government policy from a constitutional challenge. Constitutional litigation is a rewarding practice. Constitutional rights are some of the most cherished and valued rights people possess. And when those rights have been denied, people often feel like the system is crashing in around them. This class will walk you through the steps of successfully bringing a constitutional claim.

Instructions: To start this course please click on “Video 1”. The course is broken up into four 15 minute segments (for 1 hour courses) or four 30 minute segments (for 2 hour courses). You must complete each video segment in order to move on to the next. At some point in the video, there will be a passcode spoken and displayed on the screen, please write this passcode down, as you will need to enter it at the end of CLE to verify attendance.