Doogie Howser, He is NOT!

Teenage Boy Busted for Impersonating a Doctor

A 19 year old in Florida, who calls himself “Dr. Love,” was arrested for opening a medical clinic and treating patients. The problem? He’s not an actual medical doctor! When asked by a judge to explain what kind of “doctor” he was, he said, “I don’t feel comfortable disclosing” that information. Well, of course not! No one is proud when you get your degree from the back of a cereal box!

You can see him attempt to get out of his lie here. Apparently, he did disclose this information to his attorney, who successfully asked the court to remove him from the case for “ethical reasons.”

But I have a better solution. The court should have appointed Kimberly Kitchen to represent him.  She was a partner of a Pennsylvania law firm until the local authorities found out that she wasn’t actually an attorney! She must have attended the same school as Dr. Love!

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