Platform Transition

Thursday, 06/09/2022, 8:00am (central time) Comedian of Law will be moving all our webinar registrations and on demand courses and accounts to a new platform. We have come to the point where we need to be utilizing an e-learning platform, rather than trying to manage this on our own website. We copied all on demand accounts and course purchases that were made between 01/01/2021-06/08/2022, 8:00pm (central time) to this new platform and are working on entering purchases made after that, by hand. Once we make this move, any on demand course that you purchased and haven’t watched, will be available to watch in your new account. Any courses you completed on our current website since 01/01/2021, will have course completion data available to view in your new account. Please note that due to the large volume of data, we are not transferring any course completion information for courses completed before 01/01/2021. If you need access to this information, please email Wendi Oster at and she can help you with that information.  Please note that not all course completion will be entered by 8am, so if you completed a course and it doesn’t show up in your new account, give us a few days to catch up and then contact us.

This new platform should be much easier to view on demand courses, as you will no longer have your browser being testy with our little “Are you ready to move to the next section” buttons. Technical support for the on demand courses will also be handled by the company hosting the site, so that should be much better for the users as well. Please have patience, as there will be new purchases that will have to be entered manually and some course completion data will also be entered by hand next week.

Please know you will not do anything different to access your new account, as the links on our current home page will just redirect you to the new pages. There will be a new look to those pages, as they were designed by another company, but our home page will remain as it is. You will need your email address that you used for your account to set up your new login credentials in order to access your new account. A step-by-step guide will be linked below.

If information in your account is not correct, please email Wendi Oster at and explain what course data you are missing and I will work on correcting accounts as quickly as I can. It’s an easy process, but there may be others that I also working on.  Please know that we will get this all done in time for you to view your courses before your June 30 deadline.

Again, thank you for your patience, as this is a huge undertaking and we are sure it will not be 100% smooth sailing (Wendi has lost many hours of sleep over this, I assure you), but we will get everyone the courses they purchased.

Thank you so much for purchasing from Comedian of Law, we really do appreciate all your business and you helping to put our kids through college and pay for weddings. 😉

Navigating Comedian of Law’s New Learning Platform