Leave it to BuzzFeed to make a defamation lawsuit look cute!

A defamation lawsuit was recently filed against the wildly popular website BuzzFeed. Big shocker, it’s politically related. It’s not the topic that caught our eye, though. When BuzzFeed filed a motion to move jurisdiction from Florida to New York, the plaintiffs pulled out all the stops with their rebuttal brief title. I think we can all […]

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Phoenix Ex-Con Attempts “Citizen’s Arrest” In Court

If you thought you had seen it all when Florida defense attorney Stephen Gutierrez set his own pants on fire in court, just you wait!  Last September ex-con Brittian Young attempted to perform a citizens’ arrest…on a judge…in an active courtroom.  Young was armed with a fake warrant and a bag of 2-foot long zip […]

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Photo sourced from The Leader-Telegram

Murr-dering a Wisconsin family’s property rights

In 1995, the parents of the four Murr siblings passed ownership of two waterfront lots to their children. Four siblings … two lots. Yea, this is a recipe for family harmony! In 2004, when the siblings attempted to sell the second lot, chaos ensued. I’m sure at this point you’re expecting a juicy story about […]

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Dude, your pants are literally on fire.

No need for “liar, liar” metaphors here! During closing arguments on March 8th, Miami defense attorney Stephen Gutierrez fled the courtroom as smoke began billowing from his pocket.  Want to take a crack at what his client was on trial for? You guessed it, arson. Gutierrez was defending Claudy Charles, who had been accused of […]

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