Mar 25, 2020


Mar 25, 2020

Atlanta, GA

Due to the situation with the coronavirus, we are canceling our live CLEs for Atlanta on 03/25/2020, 03/26/2020 and 03/27/2020. If you are looking for hours for your 2019 hours, we will be offering the same class as a webinar and as on-demand classes. You can sign up for the webinar now by clicking on our "Webinars" tab at the top of the page. We will be adding our GA on-demand bundle to our "Online CLEs" page in the next day or two. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we all try to navigate our way through this event. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at or 913-213-9823.

CLE Pricing Structure: All payments for CLE registrations are due at the time of sign up. If a credit card payment is not made at the time of registration, a check must be mailed to Comedian of Law and must be received no later than the day before the CLE. If payment is not received at least the day before the CLE (unless you have made arrangements with our office), the registration price will be $325.00. The registration fee is $325.00 for walk-ins not pre-registered on the day of the CLE. This policy is in place in order for Comedian of Law to properly plan for our CLEs (venue, seating, snacks, and resource materials).

Registrant Cancellation Policy: If notice of registrant cancellation is given 30 days or more before the date of the CLE, a full refund will be given. If notice is given between 14 and 29 days before the CLE, a 50 percent refund will be given. If notice is given between the event and 13 days before the event, then no refund will be given but credit will be extended to the attorney to attend a future class of similar value without charge.

Comedian of Law Cancellation Policy: All classes are subject to a minimum number of registrants required in order to hold the class. This number may vary, depending on city and venue. If COL cancels any classes, registrants of that class will be notified by email and payment will be refunded in full. COL reserves the right to change the class venue within the same city. In the event of a venue change all participants will be notified via email.

For questions on any of these policies, please contact Comedian of Law LLC at