VP Hopeful Mike Pence and His “Law School Daze”

Law school isn’t for the faint of heart, and it’s a safe bet that nearly every law student has fallen into a daze during class at least once. Well, it seems that Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Mike Pence, felt the same way in the mid-1980s while studying at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. Indeed, he turned classroom dazes into an ongoing cartoon column that ran in the school’s newspaper, Dictum.

The cartoon’s name? Quite aptly, “Law School Daze.” While he may not be the next great cartoonist of our time, it’s amusing that he could poke fun of his law school experience, which he called “tough” in an interview with the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Interestingly, Pence isn’t the only lawyer who turned to comics as an outlet. Another lawyer, Stephan Pastis, has turned a comic, titled “Pearls into Swine,” into his full-time profession. His comics are even syndicated in more than 700 newspapers. While Pence didn’t take his cartooning to that level, his renderings are nevertheless entertaining.

Check out Governor Pence’s cartoons for yourself!


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